Open Ph.D. position at DTU Mechanical Engineering

The 3-year Ph.D. project will be associated with the Digital Twin project and focus on modelling and optimization of large-scale heat pump and refrigeration systems.

The deadline for application is 03.06.2020.

DTU Mechanical Engineering has recently announced the Ph.D. position that is associated with the project and focuses on the implementation of digital twins for heat pump systems for district heating.

The Ph.D. project will focus on the development of dynamic models that are able to adapt to the current state of the physical plant and use of these for performance and control optimization of large-scale heat pumps. The idea is to combine approaches from analytical and stochastic modeling. The combination of these approaches is expected to provide the optimal compromise between accuracy and resources during model creation and application. It is intended to apply the models as digital twins to two large-scale heat pump systems in district heating applications.

The Ph.D. will be part of the Section of Thermal Energy at the Technical University of Denmark located in Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark. The main activities of the section of thermal energy are research and education within sustainable thermal energy systems, with a focus on green fuels, component design, resource recovery and integrated energy systems, including refrigeration and heat pump systems. The refrigeration and heat pump group consists of 15 employees, of which eight are Ph.D. students or postdocs and a major focus of the group is the design and operation of large-scale heat pump plants for industrial and district heating applications.

The application deadline is 03.06.2020. Further details regarding the position may be found here

For further information, please contact Prof. Brian Elmegaard.