Digital Twins for large-scale heat pump and refrigeration systems

Digital Twins are a virtual representation of a physical system and may be used for increasing the knowledge about the physical system through various digital analyses and studies. In the current project, a set of numerical models is created. The models are continuously adapting to the current status of the system, and they are based on a combination of physical principles and measurement data. Thus, the digital twins are adapting to the current system status and may be used to provide various services such as monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis as well as optimization of the operating performance.


  • The concept of digital twins

    A virtual representation of heat pump or refrigeration systems to gain increased insights, which constitute the basis for offering improved or additional services.

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  • Services

    Digital Twins constitute the basis for a variety of services such as advanced system monitoring, optimization of system operation as well as fault detection and diagnosis.

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  • Numerical modelling

    Numerical models, which represent the physical system. The models may have a different level of detail and will be tailor-made for the respective services.

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  • Glossary

    A glossary of the most relevant expressions associated with digital twins for large-scale heat pump and refrigeration systems.

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