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Gain an insight into the latest advancements in digitalizing and modelling these systems when industry experts from BITZER, Technische Universität Braunschweig, LS Control A/S, AAU Energy, Numerous and Energy Machines™ as well as DTU Construct and Danish Technological Institute take you through an informative and engaging day. 

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Final Report Out Now

The project, Digital Twins, was concluded in the spring of 2024.

The findings are officially out - so make sure to take a look at the the final report as well as the latest project deliverables.

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Bringing Technology into Application

As a part of the Digital Twins project, the technology is brought into application in terms of three demonstration cases. 
Read more about the cases and find out how they have provided data as the basis of the development of the model right here!

  • Four CO2 supermarket refrigeration systems with heat recovery
  • Cascade heat pump for district heating 
  • Large-scale heat pump for district heating

The concept of digital twins for heat pump and refrigeration systems

Digital twins are a virtual representation of a physical heat pump or refrigeration system in the form of numerical models, which are constantly adapting to the current operating conditions in order to exploit the technical potential most optimally.

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Digital twin-based services

Digital Twins constitute the basis for a variety of services such as advanced system monitoring, optimization of system operation, and fault detection and diagnosis.

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Project partners

The project consortium consists of eight partners from Germany and Denmark and includes industrial partners, an RTO institute, and three departments from two universities.

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Modelling activities

The modelling activities in the project comprise numerical models with different levels of detail. The models are based on a combination of measurement data, component data, and physical relations.

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The glossary provides an overview of the most relevant expressions in the context of digital twins for large-scale heat pump and refrigeration systems. 

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