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Final report


WP 1: Definition of a modelling and platform framework

Review on digital solutions for heat pump and refrigeration systems, DTU Construct

Recommendations for suitable frameworks for digital twins of large-scale refrigeration systems and heat pumps, DTU Construct


WP 2: Development of grey-box models for supermarket refrigeration

Report on fault mechanisms in supermarket CO2 refrigeration systems and modelling approaches, DTI

  • ''Fault mechanisms in supermarket CO2 refrigeration systems and modelling approaches'', 2021, C. Heerup et al. [confidential]

Detailed validated dynamic model of a supermarket refrigeration system, Danfoss

  • Modelica models [confidential]

A documented method for generating grey-box models that are adaptive and suitable for monitoring purposes including the data basis as well as experiences of first applications summarized in a report or publication, DTU Compute


WP 3: Development of grey-box models for large-scale heat pump systems

Report on fault mechanisms in large-scale heat pump systems, DTU Construct

Detailed validated dynamic models for two large-scale heat pump systems, DTU Construct and DTI

Report or article about procedure to derive grey-box models from detailed dynamic models including demonstration and application to cases, DTU Mechanical Engineering and DTI


WP 4: System control optimization and optimal scheduling of production periods

Report/publication about the set point optimization for selected case studies finalized/submitted for publication, DTU Construct and DTU Compute

A method for indicating the potential for supply of flexibility to the electricity grid based on current system conditions, DTU Construct

  • “Digital twin-assisted online operation scheduling of a large-scale heat pump system”, J. Aguilera et al., submitted to Applied Energy.

A software tool and a report/publication for the optimization possibilities of the operating schedule considering periods for predictive maintenance, DTU Construct


WP 5: Fault detection and diagnosis

Report/article about the methods for fault detection and diagnosis including the application to existing measurement data, TU Braunschweig


WP 6: Demonstration of digital twins in case studies

Case I: Supermarket refrigeration

  • "Demonstration of digital twins for supermarket refrigeration systems", 2024, F.D'Ettorre & C. Heerup [not yet public]

Case II:

Case III:


WP 7: Analysis of potential for creating socioeconomic benefits

Report about the specifications for digital twins, Danfoss

Report about possible socioeconomic benefits and possibilities to exploit the potentials in a market and for different technologies


WP 8: Dissemination







January 2022
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