First project meeting – 27. & 28. of February 2020 in Aarhus

The project was initiated with a two-day kick-off meeting comprising a range of presentations, workshops, and discussions.

The kick-off meeting was held on 27. & 28. of February 2020 at the Danish Technological Institute in Aarhus. All eight project partners were represented by several participants and different working groups. The kick-off meeting comprised a series of presentations and workshops as well as numerous fruitful discussions and a site visit at the Machine Room of Affaldvarme Aarhus to inspect the newly installed cascade heat pump system.

The two days were not only used to settle the formalities and introduce the project partners, but also to start the work on different work packages. The different services were discussed, and the most promising services were identified. Furthermore, the software tool chains and platforms for data handling were discussed and the most promising approaches were identified.

The fruitful discussions highlighted the broad range of competences that is represented by the variety of project partners and the respective activities. The modelling activities will combine methods from data-driven and analytical modelling, which is expected to be a promising combination with respect to effort for creation and application of the models, numerical resources during application, and their functionality. Despite the high degree of research and development, there is a strong focus on the applicability of the development throughout the project, which is ensured by the industrial partners and the several case studies.

During the next months, the focus will lie on establishing the infrastructures for data handling as a more detailed analysis of the model features that should be prioritized to gain largest possible benefits for through additional and improved services. In parallel, first modelling activities will be initiated.

If you would like to learn more about the project, please check the homepage and do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions.