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Presentation of a dynamic model for optimizing operation and increasing reliability of a large-scale heat pump for district heating operating with seawater and ammonia at ECOS 2022.

Talented PhD-student José Joaquín Aguilera Prado receives the Elite Research Travel Grant 2022 for his work with developing new dynamic and adaptable models for large-scale heat pumps.

The project Digital Twins for Large-Scale Heat Pumps and Refrigeration Systems contributed to this year's Gustav Lorentzen conference GL2022 with three presentations which provided an insight into the latest developments and results of the project.

To understand which specific requirements from the industry can be fulfilled by digital twins solutions, a survey was carried out among manufacturers, maintenance providers and operators. The results of the survey are now available.

Currently, a survey is being conducted to gather information about large-scale heat pump and refrigeration systems as a basis for the development of digital-twin based services. The survey is conducted by DTU and DTI and comprises manufacturers, cons…

The project was initiated with a two-day kick-off meeting comprising a range of presentations, workshops, and discussions.