AK-Centralen A/S

AK-Centralen is optimizing, monitoring, and quality assuring refrigeration and freezing systems in 1600 supermarkets in Nordic countries. AK-Centralen uses advanced proprietary programs which record customer data from 95% of all regulators and gateways installed in Danish convenience stores. AK-Centralen covers the stores 24/7 with more than 20 specially trained operators. AK-Centralen services more than 1600 Nordic subscribers.

AK-centralen is an expert in optimizing, monitoring, and quality assurance of refrigeration and freezing systems. For this project, they do not only provide insights and experience within the field of refrigeration, but they also aim at analyzing the potential of expanding their services to heat pump systems.

Their involvement in the project focuses on the application of the developments. This includes the provision of data and experiences as well as provide an end-user point of view.